What ages do you work with?

We primarily work with ages 15+.

However, we will consider taking 10-14 year old members on a case by case basis as group dynamics allow.

When and where are sessions offered?

Our in-person clinic clubs/sessions are currently run on Sundays at our Woodinville location. Virtual and community clubs/sessions are available on weekends and evenings. All of our groups are run in 4 month seasons.

3 months are ‘active'. During this time, sessions are run weekly.

The last month is ‘passive'. During this time, members have an opportunity to practice the skills they have learned on their own while on breaks or vacations. Staff members use this time to provide administrative updates to members/parents, provide workshops / make-up sessions (as applicable), take breaks/vacations, and prepare for the next season.

How big is each group?

Our groups range in size from 2-7 members.
Each group has a maximum 4:1 member to staff ratio.

What does it cost?

Please check our Rates Page for current pricing on services and groups.

Do you provide a discount for…?

Discounts may be offered for early registration and/or multiple concurrent enrollments. Additionally, drop in & single session rates may be credited towards a season (if/as space is available).

Contact us directly for details.

What does “neurodiversity affirming” mean?

Our services are tailored to help neurodivergent people better access and succeed in the neurotypical world. Our goal is not to fundamentally change who they are or what they enjoy.

We are not looking to ‘cure’ people of their neurological differences. We require consent from our members to work with them and will not force anyone to do anything they are not willing to work on. We respect bodily autonomy and communication differences.

While we teach about neurotypical norms and expectations of living in the broader community, our therapy often focuses on: using strategies, accessing accommodations, and practicing effective self-advocacy to prepare them for success in the world. As we know better, we do better.

Why hybrid?

Multiple reasons!

First and foremost, to offer flexibility. Some people are currently wanting in-person sessions, while others are currently wanting remote ones. My clinic space can comfortably hold about 4-5 people (and the in person maximum sign up for any group will reflect that). Hybrid groups respect both requests, allowing those who wish to attend in person to do while and allowing those who wish to attend virtually to do so.

Additionally, as we’ve learned throughout COVID-19, sometimes life happens and our schedules get disrupted. Providing a hybrid option allows people to stay home (such as when sick/overwhelmed) or traveling, but still participate in the sessions. It gives us options to stay connected, even when we’re physically separated.

Finally, we are a connected world. Many activities, jobs, and other opportunities are increasingly available online. By offering hybrid sessions, we can provide group members with the best of both worlds. Even those who prefer in-person only activities will get opportunities to learn and practice internet safety and stay in touch with each other outside of group sessions (if they wish).

What is the difference between facilitated, therapeutic, and recreational activities?

Facilitated Activities: (In person, online, hybrid) Support is provided in helping members understand the expectations of their clubs so that they may transition to non-facilitated activities when they are ready. These clubs are run and/or facilitated by a therapist to ensure access, understanding, and comfort of members.

Therapeutic Activities: (In person, online, hybrid) Therapeutic sessions are often integrated into facilitated clubs and activities. Specific goals for therapeutic participants are worked on within the context of the larger group, improving generalization of learning. These clubs are run and/or facilitated by a therapist.

Recreational activities: (online, hybrid) During the ‘passive’ month of each season, members are encouraged to casually plan activities and meet up with others to practice their independence. There are no club fees for these activities (though there may be fees associated with chosen activities) and minimal/no club supervision is offered. These activities are best suited for those who are ready to practice more independence, have general knowledge of community expectations, and just want to meet people/make friends.

Our community Discord server, The Alchademy, is open to all and run by the community itself. Free to join and play! However, please note that these games/activities are not facilitated, are minimally moderated, there are no guarantees of joining games/activities, and all participants must agree to/follow community determined rules and expectations.

All games/activities are run by the community and are not guaranteed to be run by a therapist. It may not be suitable for all members, and is best for people who just want to chat/meet/play games with other people and need minimal guidance on following community rules and expectations.