What ages do you work with?

We primarily work with ages 15+ 

However, we will consider taking 10-14 year old members in clubs on a case by case basis as group dynamics allow.

Individual sessions (as available) are available for ages 10+ as well.

When and where are sessions offered?

Our in-person clubs/sessions are currently run on Sundays at our Woodinville location.
Virtual and community clubs/sessions are available on weekends and evenings. 

Our seasonal clubs are run for 4 month commitments. January-April, May-August, & September-December.

3 months each season are considered ‘active', during which we run 12 sessions. These sessions are typically run weekly, though there may be exceptions (holidays, workshops, illnesses, etc..)  

The 4th month in eash season (April, August, December) is considered ‘passive'. We have found that this schedule tends to line up well with most major holidays, so families are not left having to decide whether to commit to sessions or take their own breaks. During this time, members are asked to practice the skills they have learned on their own for 3-4 weeks while on breaks or vacations. Staff members use this time to provide administrative updates to members/parents (as requested), provide workshops / make-up sessions (as applicable), take their own breaks/vacations, and prepare for the next season.

Why hybrid?

Multiple reasons! 

First and foremost, to offer flexibility. Some people are currently wanting in-person sessions, while others are currently wanting remote ones. My clinic space can comfortably hold about 4-5 people (and the in person maximum sign up for any group will reflect that). Hybrid groups respect both requests, allowing those who wish to attend in person to do while and allowing those who wish to attend virtually to do so. 

Additionally, as we’ve learned throughout COVID-19, sometimes life happens and our schedules get disrupted. Providing a hybrid option allows people to stay home (such as when sick/overwhelmed) or traveling, but still participate in the sessions. It gives us options to stay connected, even when we’re physically separated. 

Finally, we are a connected world. Many activities, jobs, and other opportunities are increasingly available online. By offering hybrid sessions, we can provide group members with the best of both worlds.  Even those who prefer in-person only activities will get opportunities to learn and practice internet safety and stay in touch with each other outside of group sessions (if they wish).

What does “neurodiversity affirming” mean?

The bulk of our services are tailored to help neurodivergent people better access and succeed in the neurotypical world. 

Our goal is not to fundamentally change who they are or what they enjoy. We are not looking to ‘cure’ people of their neurological differences. We require consent from our members to work with them and will not force anyone to do anything that they are not willing to work on. We respect bodily autonomy and communication differences.

While we teach about neurotypical norms and the expectations of living in the broader community, our therapy often focuses on: using strategies, accessing accommodations, and practicing effective self-advocacy to prepare them for success in the world. 

We also provide sessions and trainings for neurotypical people, including parents, educators, siblings, peers, etc... to help foster a more inclusive environment for all.

We do not expect perfection from anyone at any time, we simply aim for improvement. As we know better, we do better.

How big is each club?

Our clubs currently range in size from 2-5 members. 
We strive to maintain a maximum 4:1 member to staff ratio. 

What does it cost?

Please check our Rates Page for current pricing on services and clubs.

Do you provide a discount for…?

Discounts may be offered for early registration and/or multiple concurrent enrollments. 

Drop in / single session rates may be credited towards a full season (if/as space is available).
Additional promotions may also be available at certain times. 

Contact us directly for details.

Do you accept ... ?

All fees are private pay.

We understand that it may seem unusual to not accept insurance. However, there are several reasons for this. Insurance reimbursement rates for speech therapy services are often inadequate, making it challenging to provide quality care while covering the costs of running a practice. This can impact the amount of time and attention we can dedicate to each client.

Additionally, paneling and dealing with insurance companies involves significant administrative overhead, which can detract from the time and resources that could be devoted to client care. By not accepting insurance, we can focus more on providing personalized and effective therapy without the bureaucratic hurdles.

Furthermore, it's important to note that insurance coverage for speech therapy services can vary widely. Many insurance plans have limitations on the types and amount of therapy sessions covered, which may not align with the individual needs of clients. By not relying on insurance, we have the flexibility to tailor treatment plans that best address each client's unique requirements. For instance, our clubs and consulting services are generally not considered to be 'medically necessary' and thus are not typically covered by insurance.  

Ultimately, our decision not to accept insurance allows us to prioritize client-centered care, streamline administrative processes, and ensure flexibility in treatment options, ultimately leading to a more effective and personalized therapy experience.

We are looking into the ability to accept other types of payments (respite funds, etc...) and will update this page when we have an answer regarding them.