Club Details

We offer clubs/groups that cover a variety of interests and are excited about creating new clubs!

Our in-person, hybrid, & virtual clubs consist of 2-5 members who meet weekly for 12 weeks during each active 3 month season. (Jan-March, May-July, Sept-Nov) 

Our clubs are structured around having facilitated social opportunities for members to interact with new people and build organic relationships based on interests. It’s a great opportunity to increase social confidence!

Virtual sessions are hosted on popular digital platforms for high school through adult ages. In-person sessions are run at our Woodinville clinic space and/or out in the community. Clubs are offered on weekends and evenings to work around school and/or work schedules.

Interactive Fiction Club

This group engages in fun social conversation through interactive role-play/acting via a variety of role-playing and acting games. The most popular of these games is called Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).  

The use of role-playing games provides group members with slower-paced, motivating, and goal oriented social scenarios as a scaffolding structure for building communicative confidence. Those who struggle in real world social situations often feel more comfortable interacting in fictional situations since they are responding to problems that arise as their character rather than as themselves. 

This low pressure socialization practice uses real life teamwork and communication to succeed in missions, bounce back from failures, and accomplish the tasks that the group encounters in a fantasy environment.

Independent Foundations Club

Each weekly session begins with a 15-30 minute check-in and chat, followed by up to an hour of planning and preparation for various projects, community events, and field trips chosen by group members. This group includes vocational and educational as well as recreational interests. 

Projects, locations, and topics of discussion are chosen by the group each week, based on their own questions and interests. Planning and preparation may happen in person or online, and includes conversational instruction/practice, collaboration, cooperation, time management, budgeting, transportation considerations, and building flexibility and independence into schedules. 

Depending on what plans are decided amongst the group members, the schedule may vary from week to week to provide more time to engage in various activities on some weeks vs others. 

Individual Sessions

Private 1:1 SLP sessions are available for people who would like to work on specific communication goals outside of a group setting. 

We specialize in ND affirming:

Inclusive Friendship Club

Available both in-person and online, our inclusive friendship groups start with a 15-30 minute check in and discussion about different types of relationships, followed by a 30-45 minute game/activity of the week to organically connect with others in the group. 

In person and hybrid participants will have a rotating selection of board/card games, hands on activities, and online games to play each week.

Online only participants will have a similarly rotating selection of online games and activities that they can participate in.

I-F Session 9: Exploitation

Interest Focus Club

Available both in-person and/or online (depending on the group), our interest focus groups start with a 5-10 minute check in followed by a 45ish minute challenge/activity based on the group's focused interest

Interest Focus groups include (but are not limited to):
Minecraft, Legos, Art, Books, Coding, Anime/Manga, Video Games, Movie & TV, etc...