Our primary focus at the clinic is on adolescents and adults ages 12+.  

A single ASD specific assessment is available for those who have received other recent testing from other qualified providers. Comprehensive testing is available for those who have not done any other recent testing.

What to expect at the session(s)

Fees:  (due 1 week before scheduled testing begins)
Comprehensive testing:  $1,000
Single test: $400

Those who are seeking a diagnosis to validate a self-diagnosis, no further steps are required. Those seeking an official diagnosis to access state services, please read on!

Those who are seeking an official diagnosis for state services may have their report(s) confirmed by one of our partnered providers and/or sent to their preferred provider to determine if they qualify for an official ASD diagnosis. This can greatly speed up the timeline to get an official diagnosis. 

Fees:  (due before report is written)
Comprehensive testing report:  $500
Single test report: $150